News from previous years

All the news fit to print from 2013:

Was a great year for the Budman/Levy Orchestra, ending with a 3-week run at Rockwell Table and Stage in Los Angeles. Teaming up with vocalist/pianist Spencer Day, we arranged his original music and standards for the band and made a splash for sure-- fans of his music became fans of ours and vice versa! We also played our debut show at the Blue Whale in downtown LA and in January will be featured at the Jazz Education Network Conference in Dallas.

Still thrilled to be playing the music of Clare and Brent Fischer. The album Ritmo by the Clare Fischer Latin Jazz Big Band won the Grammy award for best Latin Jazz album, so of course we're all quite proud of that! The band also made a trip to Recife, Brazil this summer, performing at the Moacir Santos Jazz Festival. The Latin Jazz Sextet traveled over Thanksgiving weekend to Playa Del Carmen in Mexico and played a huge stage on the beach for the thousands attending the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival. 

I'm pleased to still be playing saxophone and keyboards with singer/songwriter Christopher Cross. Fun touring this year with his band and also with the Sail Rock tour. Related story: Played several shows this year with CC pianist/vocalist Kiki Ebsen-- one particular show was opening for Al Stewart in Virginia. After our set, Al invited us to join him onstage with me playing the iconic Year of the Cat saxophone solo. Also was excited to join the legendary Poncho Sanchez for a few shows in 2013.

Was called into the studio to record many cool things this year. I got to record my bass clarinet with the Brent Fischer Orchestra on the collaboration between Elvis Costello and the Roots. Indie favorite Leftover Cuties released their sophomore album, and I played clarinet and/or saxophone on most tracks. Also played on TV shows Family Guy and Arrested Development. Many big bands recorded albums this year and I was fortunate to take part in several: Kim Richmond's Concert Jazz Orchestra (with Grammy-nominated arrangement), Alan Chan Jazz OrchestraGary UrwinChris Stewart and Tim Davies. Scott Healy's Tentet album recorded last year also has a Grammy-nominated track this year.

And there you have it! Well, most of the highlights I could remember... Thanks for tuning in-- hope to have more exciting adventures to share with you in 2014. Best to you and yours this coming year.

News from 2011

Surprise, surprise-- another great year! Here are some highlights from my year that was 2011:

The Budman/Levy Orchestra album is mixed and mastered-- only the final touches are left. Sorry to keep the world from this music for so long. We promise it'll be worth the wait!

I continued to tour with pop legend Christopher Cross, playing alto sax, soprano sax and keyboards. The live shows and CC's new album are being very well received.

It was a productive year for the music of Clare and Brent Fischer. Besides performing with the Big Band, Latin Jazz Sextet and Clarinet Choir, I was fortunate to participate in the recording of two Clare Fischer albums. The Big Band album Continuum features me on a variety of instruments and I was honored to be the first to record the tune "Stoltz", composed for clarinet great Richard Stoltzman. The CF Voices album features me on soprano sax.

From the pop world:
Played the Greek Theatre with rock stars Cheap Trick
Backed crooner Engelbert Humperdinck in Atlantic City
Recorded on Rafael Saadiq's "Stone Rollin'" album

Years ago I had the pleasure of playing in a big band let by mega-talent Matt Catingub and this year I was excited to play under his baton conducting the Glendale Pops Orchestra.

Toured with talented songstress Jessica Fichot in Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona as well as Los Angeles.

The big bands I played with this year: Fischer BB, Geoff Stradling's Stradband, Chris Walden BB, Kim Richmond's Concert Jazz Orchestra, Tim Davies BB, Steve Huffsteter BB, Brian Swartz' Swartzestra, Lenny Stack BB, Bruce Lofgren BB, and Scott Healy's Tentet.

I closed the year with time on the road with the national touring production of Fiddler on the Roof. Besides playing clarinet and flute in the pit orchestra, I spent 17 minutes onstage each show playing and stylizing the great clarinet parts from the wedding scene. Cheers to all the hard-working members of the cast, crew and orchestra!

Well, there it is! (and was, I suppose) Look forward to many more adventures in 2012.
Rock on!


Another year of musical adventures! I give you some 2010 highlights:

The Budman/Levy Orchestra, aka BLO, has been in the recording studio throughout the year and we're creeping ever closer to the album's release. We had a great show at Typhoon in November and Jeremy and I are very excited about the future of the band.

This year marks my debut performances with legendary pop artist Christopher Cross. Gigs in So Cal, Houston and upcoming Florida shows will hopefully be just a start.

I'm still thrilled to be a part of the music of Clare and Brent Fischer. We had successful performances this year with the Big Band, Latin Jazz Sextet and Clarinet Choir.

Of course, big bands are a large part of the scene in LA and this year I performed with the bands of Chris Walden, Kim Richmond, Mike Barone, Geoff Stradling, Clare Fischer, Tim Davies, Lenny Stack, Bruce Lofgren, Ron Jones and of course, the BLO.

Played several gigs and a recording with a wonderful LA band Leftover Cuties. Look for their new album soon.

I enjoyed a short tour with Scotland's Codeine Velvet Club, led by John of the Fratelli's.

Adventures with the Max Weinberg Big Band continued with hits in Newport Beach and Minneapolis.

Of course the Bay Area provided memorable musical moments, including a three-night run of Adam Theis' Brass, Bows and Beats at Yoshi's in SF and a funky show with Lenny Williams of TOP fame.

Creative jazz with the Scott Healy Tentet and Bevan Manson's group rounded out the year nicely.

Looking forward to 2011. Keep swingin'!

News from 2009:

2009 was a great year, indeed! A few highlights from both recording and live performances:

I was happy to play on some of my favorite television shows in 2009, including Fox's Family Guy and a fun clarinet spot behind Kristin Chenoweth and her version of "Maybe This Time" on Fox's hit show Glee.

I was also fortunate to play on several upcoming feature films, including the highly-anticipated Burlesque. You can also hear a long segment of "Little Prayer" from the CJO's album on the newly released The Marine 2.

The recording of my big-band collaboration with Jeremy Levy is underway! We expect the album to be finished the first half of 2010 and you'll surely be able to track its progress here.

The Fuxedos released our debut album and played a rockin' CD release party at Spaceland.

A few great performances in 2009: From the Bay Area, I was thrilled to play with Adam Theis and perform his work "Brass, Bows and Beats." Adam was also instrumental in putting together the music from Birth of the Cool, which we played at the grand opening of the jazz club Coda in San Francisco.
At home in Los Angeles I've had the pleasure of playing the music of Clare and Brent Fischer, as well as many other wonderful big band writers. The year closed out with an exciting debut of drummer Max Weinberg's new big band.

More to come in 2010. Stay cool!







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