The newest album, Instruments of Mass Pleasure was recorded in February of 2005 and released October 18th. It is the first CJO album recorded in the studio and the first to feature entirely original compositions. The arrangements are tight and controlled, but the soloists and rhythm section play with the freedom that has become a trademark of the CJO.

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The first release, Live at Pearl's was recorded in 1996. The CD features Christopher Pitts as well as Ron Stallings, Warren Gale, Eric Crystal, Harvey Weinapel, Mark Levine, etc...

Trench Heroes was recorded live at Yoshi's in Oakland in December of 1999, released in fall of 2001. The line-up included Pitts along with Marty Wehner, Eric Crystal, Chuck MacKinnon, Tony Corman, Danny Spencer, etc... At the time of this recording, the band had several years experience and the concert included powerful and exciting performances. Veteran CJO vocalist Duane Lawrence is featured on two tracks.

Monday in the City was recorded in December of 2001 and released in April of 2002. Recorded at Jazz at Pearl's by Jeff Cressman, this album captured the CJO on its final Monday performance of the year. Under the direction of Alex Budman, the orchestra featured some new faces including Matt Clark, Mike Olmos, Charles McNeal, Gene Burkert and Andrew Eberhard. The recording produced great solo performances as well as a cohesive ensemble sound.

Where to find these albums:

Live at Pearl's and Trench Heroes are available through
More information about Monday in the City is available at, but unfortunately the remaining copies have been sold.



Instruments of Mass Pleasure

Monday in the City


Trench Heroes


Live at Pearl's




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